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BlueM.Opt input files: MOD · OPT · OBF · CON


This file defines the constraints for the optimization. Each line corresponds to one constraint.

The file must have the same filename as the rest of the dataset's files but have the file extension .CON, and be located in the same directory as the rest of the dataset.

A constraint is evaluated by comparing a simulated value to a threshold value, which may be defined either as a lower or upper bound. If a constraint is violated, the corresponding individual is marked as invalid.

Example for a reservoir in BlueM.Sim with 3 constraints:

*|             |            |      |           |         | Threshold value | Threshold series       |
*| Name        | ThreshType | File | SimResult | Bound   | Type    | Value | Name | File            |
 | Spill       | Value      |  WEL | TOLF_QH2  | Upper   | Min     |    0  |      |                 |
 | FloodBuffer | Series     |  WEL | TOLF_VOL  | Upper   |         |       | HWSR | FloodBuffer.wel |
 | MinStorage  | Value      |  WEL | TOLF_VOL  | Lower   | Min     |  200  |      |                 |


Parameter Description
Name Arbitrary name of the constraint

Threshold type

  • Value: Constant threshold value
  • Series: Time series of threshold values
File The simulation result file containing the simulation result which should be checked for threshold violation. Accepted values:
SimResult The identifier of the simulation result which should be checked for threshold violation.
Bound Specifies whether the threshold is a lower or upper bound. Accepted values:
  • Upper: Upper bound
  • Lower: Lower bound
Threshold value
(only used when ThreshType is Value)
Type Specifies how to calculate the value that should be compared to the threshold value from the simulation result.
  • Max: Maximum value of the simulation result
  • Min: Minimum value of the simulation result
  • Avg: Average value of the simulation result
  • Start: First value of the simulation result
  • End: Last value of the simulation result
  • Sum: Sum of the simulation result
Value The threshold value to check against.
Threshold series
(only used when ThreshType is Series)
Name Specifies the name of the threshold time series. Only necessary if the time series file specified under File contains multiple series (e.g. WEL file).
File The filename of file containing the threshold time series.
Warning: The time step size of the threshold series must be identical to that of the simulation result! (see #218)

The width of the columns can be adjusted if necessary, but the column separators (|) must be preserved!

An asterisk (*) at the beginning of the line causes the line to be ignored.