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Source code

BlueM.Opt is written in VB.NET and C#. The source code and issues are managed on GitHub:

BlueM.Sim and BlueM.DLLAdapter as well as Talsim-NG and SWMM are included in the repository as precompiled binaries, and BlueM.Wave is included as a submodule.


When compiling BlueM.Opt, a TeeChart .NET Pro license is required.

For testing purposes, you can use the evaluation version of TeeChart by removing the files My Project\TeeChart.licenses from the project within Visual Studio or by adding a files in their place. This will allow you to compile, but any charts will be displayed with a watermark.


BlueM.Wave is set up to be output to a subdirectory BlueM.Wave. For this to work, the following settings have been made:

  • set <probing privatePath="BlueM.Wave"/> in app.config
  • set the "Copy Local" property of all project references to Wave to False (corresponds to <Private>False</Private> in the project files).
  • the main Wave assembly output is copied to the subdirectory in the post-build event
  • additional assemblies used by Wave that are unfortunately automatically output to the main output folder (no idea why?) are moved to the subdirectory individually, also in the post-build event

This could probably be done better, but that's the way it is right now.