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  1. Start BlueM.Opt.exe
  2. Select an App (e.g. BlueM.Sim)
  3. Select an appropriate Dataset
  4. Select a Method (algorithm) (e.g. PES or SensiPlot)
  5. optionally adjust or load the settings
  6. Press the Start button

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Dataset locations and simulation results

BlueM.Opt creates copies of the dataset for carrying out the simulations. These copies are located in the directory containing BlueM.Opt.exe and are called Thread_01, Thread_02, etc. Once the objective function values have been calculated, the dataset together with the simulation results in these folders are deleted/overwritten.

In order to view hydrographs and/or obtain the full simulation results of specific solutions, select a solution by clicking on it in any of the diagrams and then click the button in the Selected solutions dialog. This will cause the selected solution(s) to be simulated again, but this time in a subfolder of the original dataset named "solution_X", where X is the solution ID.

When using SensiPlot, the setting Save individual datasets causes each indivual datasets to be simulated in a subfolder of the original dataset named "sensiplot_X", where X is the solution ID. If the aforementioned setting is deactivated, the dataset modifications and simulations are carried out using the original dataset.