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Screenshot showing the settings pane (left) and the settings load/save button (top)

Most of the Optimization settings in BlueM.Opt are algorithm-specific and are explained on the corresponding algorithm pages, see the list of Algorithms.

Once an algorithm has been selected, the settings pane will show additional tabs corresponding to the selected algorithm.

Settings can be saved and loaded (XML file) using the Settings button in the toolbar.

The settings on the General tab are common to all algorithms:

Setting Options Explanation
Use multithreading yes/no Specifies whether evaluations should be carried out in multithreading mode. In multithreading mode, multiple individuals are evaluated simultaneously, providing for considerable speed improvements. Whether this option is available depends on the selected combination of application and algorithm, both of which have to support multithreading. For more information see Multithreading.
Only display the current generation yes/no If activated, this will cause the main diagram to only show the current generation of individuals. Older generations are not displayed. This can produce a performance improvement.