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Some of the output files generated by BlueM can be specified using the output options in the ALL-File. Additionally, result outputs for each element are specified in the SYS-File.

Main Outputs:

  • WEL-File: Main result file. Output of all results for all elements for which output is specified in the SYS-File.
  • KWL-File: Output of results for control functions (see KTR-File).
  • MAX-File: Output of the maximum values for each element in the system.
  • BLZ-File: Output of runoff volume and volume balances for all elements for which BIL output is specified in the SYS-File.
  • PRB-File: Output of probability distributions.

Extended outputs:

Errors and Warnings:

  • ERR-File: Simulation errors. The *.ERR file contains the date and time of the simulation in the filename and is preserved until deleted by the user.
  • $WARN.TMP: Warnings (deleted each time a new simulation is started)