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Source code

The source code consists of the following individual projects:

All source code and issues are managed on GitHub:

Most individual BlueM components are configured to build to a common parent output folder ..\bin\<Platform>\<Configuration>. The recommended folder structure is thus to have all individual components in one single parent folder as follows:

 - BlueM.DLLAdapter
 - BlueM.LaPipe
 - BlueM.Sim
 - BlueM.Wave
 - BlueM.Win

This also ensures that references between projects work out of the box.


see BlueM.Sim compilation

When compiling BlueM.Win and BlueM.Wave, a TeeChart .NET Pro license is required.

For testing purposes, you can use the evaluation version of TeeChart by removing the file My Project\TeeChart.licenses from the project within Visual Studio. This will allow you to compile, but any charts will be displayed with a watermark.


see BlueM.DLLAdapterTest



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