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BlueM.Sim is written in FORTRAN. Additional components such as BlueM.DLLAdapter and BlueM.Wave are written in C# and VB.NET, while BlueM.LaPipe is written in C++.

Recommended software setup for compiling BlueM.Sim:

Compiler settings

Use Bytes as RECL

Required compiler settings (Flags):

  • /assume:byterecl
This causes Intel Fortran to interpret the record length of unformatted files (e.g. time series in BIN-Format) in bytes instead of in 4 byte units (longwords). This flag is set by setting Use Bytes as RECL unit for unformatted files: to Yes (see image).

Build configurations

The following build configurations for BlueM.Sim are defined in the project file:

  • Debug: Debug version, no optimizations
  • Release: Release version with optimizations