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Wave is a tool for displaying, analyzing and importing and exporting time series.


Supported formats

Use a Wave project file (*.wvp) to quickly import multiple series from multiple files at once.

Drag&Drop files onto Wave to import them quickly.

It is also possible to manually input time series, or use copy & paste from Excel.

Visualization & Navigation

Display time series in a highly customizable diagram (provided by TeeChart)

  • Overview: An overview chart shows you the full extent of the time series and the period currently displayed in the main diagram.
  • Axes: When importing time series, series are automatically assigned to different axes depending on their unit.
  • Zoom & pan: Use the mouse to zoom or pan.
  • Navigation bar: Use the navigation bar to set a custom display period and to navigate by a fixed time period.
  • Quickly switch time series on and off using the check boxes in the legend.

Save & Export

Save diagrams to the native TeeChart format (TEN-File) to preserve all data and formatting.

Export diagrams as image files (PNG, JPG, BMP)

Export time series to the following formats:

Edit & Analyze

Editing functions:

  • Cut time series to a specified time perios or to another series' extent
  • Remove error values from a time series

Analysis functions:


The API is used by BlueM.Opt and BlueM.Win.

See the documentation.


Importing time series

  • "NaN", "Infinity" and "-Infinity" in import files are recognized and accepted.
    Unreadable values are converted to NaN.
    Values of NaN or +-Infinity are removed before display in the chart and when performing analysis functions.


Please refer to the Download page.