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GISMO is a software product developed by the SYDRO Consult GmbH. GISMO is used for integrated modeling and immission based modeling. A separate result file is written for every system object if specified in the system settings, either a CSV file (columns are separated by semicolons) or as ASC files (columns are separated by spaces).

Currently, due to different output formatting of GISMO, only some of the results in the ASC file format are supported by BlueM.Wave:

  • Rural catchment areas (AUS) ⇒ A*.ASC
  • Stormwater retention structures (BEK) ⇒ B*.ASC
  • Individual discharges (EIN) ⇒ E*.ASC
  • Urban catchment areas (FKA) ⇒ F*.ASC
  • Transport routes (GER) ⇒ G*.ASC
  • Stormwater overflow structures (RUE) ⇒ R*.ASC

Examples of the supported result files can be found under BlueM.Datatsets