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BlueM.Wave Release Notes
Version 1.6.2
* Added support for storing an "Interpretation" property for time series. 
  Interpretation is currently only known for series read from WEL files and the TALSIM clipboard,
  all other series have a default interpretation value of 99 (Undefined).
  Series with interpretation 2 (BlockRight), 3 (BlockLeft) and 5 (CumulativePerTimestep) 
  are displayed as (inverted) stairs in the chart, all others are displayed normally (linear interpolation between nodes).
* Added a button for auto-adjusting the Y-axes to the current viewport
  (currently only works for left and right, but not custom axes)
* Added support for reading Q_Strg.dat files in HYDRO_AS-2D version 5 format (previous versions still supported)
* Added read support for PRMS output files (annual and monthly summaries, as well as DPOUT)
* Added write support for ZRXP format
* Added write support for UVF format
* Added write support for SYDRO binary format (BIN) (only in x86 version)
* Added a button for visualizing NaN values of the currently active series
  This also causes the time periods consisting of NaN values to be written to the log
* Added metadata handling for time series, metadata is displayed in the series properties dialog
* Implemented reading and writing of metadata for file formats UVF and ZRXP
* Added a dialog for editing metadata before export
* Added a new analysis function "Cumulative" which converts a time series to cumulative values
* Added the possibility of specifying custom import settings in Wave project files (*.wvp) (#720)
* Added a button and a dialog for merging time series (#719)
* Added a dialog for specifying a reference date (beginning of simulation) when importing HYDRO_AS-2D files
* The Open File menu now includes a list of recently used files (not stored across sessions)
* Added a button for changing the time step of a time series (#717) (only in x86 version)
* Added the ability to process more clipboard contents from TALSIM 
  (including BIN files and multiple files/series at once) (#695)
* Added the ability to extract WEL files from WLZIP files of the same name
* The "Enter time series" dialog has been improved, unparseable values are now converted to NaN 
  instead of causing an abort of the import.
* The "Remove error values" function has been changed to "Convert error values" and now converts 
  user-specified error values to NaN
* When importing time series from SMUSI REG format, the title is taken from the first line of the file, 
  before any comma
* The Reload from Files command now respects the previously made series selection for each file
* Imported files are no longer kept as file objects in memory (should lead to less memory usage)
* ZRXP format: the time part of the timestamp is now optional (00:00:00 assumed if missing)
* ZRXP format: values equal to the error value specified as "RINVAL" in the file header are 
  converted to NaN during import
* UVF format: fixed reading and writing of time series starting before 1900
* UVF format: values equal to -777 are recognized as error values and converted to NaN during import
* BIN format: values equal to -9999.999 are recognized as error values and converted to NaN during import
* Fixed export to SMUSI REG format. Time series must be equidistant with 5 minute time step.
* The function TimeSeries.getCleanZRE() has been replaced with two separate functions:
  Timeseries.removeNaNValues() and Timeseries.convertErrorValues()
* When saving a chart to the native TEN format of TeeChart, any NaN values contained in the series are lost 
  (i.e. the nodes with the NaN values are omitted from the series).

Version 1.6.1
* Added support for loading and saving Wave project files (*.wvp) (#705)
* Added a button for displaying time series properties in a table view (#711)
* Added the ability to load TALSIM simulation results using the clipboard (by pressing Ctrl+V) (#695)
* Added an "AnnualStatistics" analysis function which calculates statistics such as
  min, max, avg and volume of a time series for each hydrological year
* The "Comparison" analysis function now fits a simple linear regression line to the data
  (using the Math.NET Numerics library)
* The analysis function Histogram now allows the user to specify the bins (#397). 
  Also, the histogram result data is now written to the log.
* The analysis function MonthlyStatistics now writes the result data to the log
* Added a button for removing user-specified error values from series
* Added a button for renaming series
* Added a dropdown button for zooming to a specific series
* Added support for exporting series to CSV format (#318)
* Added support for importing files in the ZRXP format (*.zrx)
* GoodnessOfFit (GoF) analysis function:
  * Added "Logarithmic Nash-Sutcliffe Efficiency" as a new GoF parameter
  * The GoF parameters can now optionally be calculated for individual hydrological years
* Added support for importing BW_TMP.DAT result files from HYDRO_AS-2D
* Error values in time series such as e.g. -777 and -9999 are now imported and displayed as regular values.
  Previously, when importing from BIN and DWD-T-L format, these would be replaced with NaN.
  The new "Remove error values" function can be used to remove these error values, if desired. (#693)
* Analysis GoodnessOfFit: Volume error is based on actual volume integrated over time 
  if the time series unit ends with "/s"
* Removed support for the DWD-T-L format
* If a time series contains duplicate nodes, the duplicate nodes are now simply discarded 
  and a warning is written to the log instead of aborting the import
* The decimal mark selector in the import series dialog now actually works (#351)
* Comparison analysis function: changed the result series to a point series because a line series automatically 
  sorts itself by the x-values and thus connects the points in the wrong order (not time-based)

Version 1.6
* Significantly improved the possibilities for viewing and navigating time series:
  - New toolbar buttons for zooming, panning, zoom undo and zoom all
  - Start and end date for display can be set using date/time pickers
  - Display range can be set to exact date/time ranges using a simple interface
  - Buttons for navigating in time using a user-specified time increment
  - All changes to the viewport are recorded in a history that can be undone

Version 1.5
* Support for importing GISMO files
* Support for importing HYDRO-AS_2D files
* Support for importing UVF files
* Support for importing SYDRO binary files (x86 version only)
* Support for loading TeeChart themes (*.xml) 
* The date format can now be specified while importing time series (#686)
* Loading a TEN-file does not cause existing series to be deleted, 
  the series contained in the TEN-file can be imported optionally
* More options for cutting time series (cut all series at once and keep original series)
* Small improvements to layout and functionality
* Switched to .NET Framework 3.5
* RVA files no longer supported

Version 1.4
Initial Release under the BSD-2 License, see LICENSE.txt for more information.

Version 1.3
* Wave can now read time series from SWMM binary result files (*.OUT)
* Import of time series from TeeCharts native TEN files
* Import of SMUSI REG files: Empty lines (dry weather periods) are improted correctly
* Upgrade to TeeChart v4

Version 1.2
* Internal storage of sampling points re-engineered
* Analysis function Goodness of Fit with new indicators: Volume error, Correlation coefficient, Hydrologic deviation

Version 1.1
* Analysis functions: Comparison, Double sum analysis, Goodness of Fit, Statistics
* Import formats for SMB and REG files
* Time series are assorted to different axes according to the time series units
* ReRead Files": Deletes all times series in current instance of BlueM.Wave and reimports the time series from it's respective files again (Bug 388)
* Cutting time series

Version 1.0
* Start of version control