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In BlueM.MPC, each inflow node in the sewer network can have its own forecast horizon and its own reliability factor. Forecast horizon and reliability factors are defined by meteostations. Theoretically, an unlimited number of meteostatins can be defined. Each meteostation is described by four parameters:

  1. <name>: Name of the meteostation.
  2. <nodename>: Name of the inflow node. The keyword "all" is used for all nodes without specified meteostations.
  3. <maxrange>: Length of the forecast horizon.
  4. <reliabiltyAtMaxrrange>: A linear function can be defined to each meteostation taking into account uncertainties in the forecast horizon. Possible values are positive real numbers.

An example file is given below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
Note: Development of BlueM.MPC has been discontinued!