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BlueM.Wave Release Notes
Version 1.6.1
* The "Comparison" analysis function now fits a simple linear regression line to the data
  (using the Math.NET Numerics library)
* Added a button for removing user-specified error values from series
* Added a button for renaming series
* Added support for exporting series to CSV format
* Error values in time series such as e.g. -777 and -9999 are now imported and displayed as regular values.
  Previously, when importing from BIN and DWD-T-L format, these would be replaced with NaN.
  The new "Remove error values" function can be used to remove these error values, if desired.
* Analysis GoodnessOfFit: Volume error is based on actual volume integrated over time 
  if the time series unit ends with "/s"
* Removed support for the DWD-T-L format
* The decimal mark selector in the import series dialog now actually works (Bug 351)

Version 1.6
* Significantly improved the possibilities for viewing and navigating time series:
  - New toolbar buttons for zooming, panning, zoom undo and zoom all
  - Start and end date for display can be set using date/time pickers
  - Display range can be set to exact date/time ranges using a simple interface
  - Buttons for navigating in time using a user-specified time increment
  - All changes to the viewport are recorded in a history that can be undone

Version 1.5
* Support for importing GISMO files
* Support for importing HYDRO-AS_2D files
* Support for importing UVF files
* Support for importing SYDRO binary files (x86 version only)
* Support for loading TeeChart themes (*.xml) 
* The date format can now be specified while importing time series (Bug 686)
* Loading a TEN-file does not cause existing series to be deleted, 
  the series contained in the TEN-file can be imported optionally
* More options for cutting time series (cut all series at once and keep original series)
* Small improvements to layout and functionality
* Switched to .NET Framework 3.5
* RVA files no longer supported

Version 1.4
Initial Release under the BSD-2 License, see LICENSE.txt for more information.

Version 1.3
* Wave can now read time series from SWMM binary result files (*.OUT)
* Import of time series from TeeCharts native TEN files
* Import of SMUSI REG files: Empty lines (dry weather periods) are improted correctly
* Upgrade to TeeChart v4

Version 1.2
* Internal storage of sampling points re-engineered
* Analysis function Goodness of Fit with new indicators: Volume error, Correlation coefficient, Hydrologic deviation

Version 1.1
* Analysis functions: Comparison, Double sum analysis, Goodness of Fit, Statistics
* Import formats for SMB and REG files
* Time series are assorted to different axes according to the time series units
* ReRead Files": Deletes all times series in current instance of BlueM.Wave and reimports the time series from it's respective files again (Bug 388)
* Cutting time series

Version 1.0
* Start of version control