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List of things to do in the wiki:

Translation to English

All pages need to be translated to English.

A list of German terms and their English equivalents is maintained here:

Update from 1.17

The wiki was updated from 1.17.0 to 1.22.0, unfortunately a lot of things have changed and so now a few things are broken. The old wiki can be viewed here:

The following needs to be fixed/updated:

New navigation for BlueM.Sim Theory

As the Hierarchy extension no longer works, replace the navigation for the BlueM Theory pages somehow. (Bugzilla:680)

Solution: include the new Template Template:BlueMTheory_nav on all relevant pages:

  • Remove {{HierarchieKopf}} and {{HierarchieFuss}} from the page and add the following to the top of the page:


Syntax highlighting

The new Syntax Highlighting extension engine requires some changes:

All code tags such <vbnet>, <fortran> need to be converted to <source lang="vbnet"> or equivalent.

The tag <bluem> is automatically converted to <source lang="bluem"> by the extension BlueM, so no need to change that.

Magic words

All references to Bugs or Revisions need to be converted to interwiki links, e.g. Bug 2[[bugzilla:2]]